My Mosaic Memories


My Mosaic Memories was created out of love.

My Mosaic Memories Artwork Gift


When my father was turning 60 years old, I wanted to come up with the perfect gift for a man who seemed to have everything. Having 10 years of professional experience in digital media, photography, and design, I was inspired to create a one-of-a-kind, premium photo gift for him.

With a lifetime of memories, this was the perfect way to capture all of his favorite moments into one work of art. We used to order family photo books, but now, instead of collecting dust on our shelves, my father's new gift is mounted on the wall where we can all enjoy it every day. He proudly showed his gift to all of his friends, family, and colleagues, and immediately people were asking me to make them mosaic masterpieces of their own.

Now you can commission a custom work of art made from your most precious memories to cherish daily!

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